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Chicken or turkey meals
Chicken curry for the crockpot - fairly authentic curry using boneless skinless chicken thighs
Chicken curry - use fresh or leftover chicken to make an easy mild (though not authentic) curry
Chicken in gunge - small pieces of chicken in a 'gunge' made mainly of ketchup and HP sauce
Lemon chicken with carrots - ideal for the crockpot; this recipe is for a large number of people
Marinated chicken - cubes of chicken marinated for a few hours to give a quick and easy meal
Mexican chicken - using filletted chicken or turkey, in a spicy tomato sauce with lots of veggies
Sausagemeat and chicken pie - impressive raised pie with Christmas theme
Slightly spicy chicken - adaptable crockpot recipe with light spicy flavour, in a tomato sauce
Sticky citrus chicken - quick to make, chicken breast strips with fresh citrus juices, excellent with rice
Stove-top barbecue chicken - cooked on the stove top with a barbecue-like sauce
Teriyaki chicken - Westernised version of a Japanese dish in a soya sauce based marinade
Vietnamese coconut chicken - a mildly spicy chicken dish with wonderful coconut aroma

Beef meals
Chinese savoury beef - simple to prepare, serve with rice and stir-fried veg
French stew - very quick meal using stewing steak that bakes gently for four hours
Stifado - easy version of a Cypriot speciality, gently cooked using inexpensive stewing steak

Sausage meals(use any meat or veggie sausages)
Sausage bean-feast - quick and easy to prepare
Sausage tomato bake - sausages, onions and tomatoes in a tasty casserole
Toad in the Hole - traditional British meal with sausages in batter

Mince meals (use any ground meat, or veggie mince)
Chili con carne - a spicy dish, quick and adaptable depending on taste
Enchiladas - simple version of a 'Tex-Mex' dish
Keema - traditional Asian dish, mildly spicy
Lasagne - layers of tomato sauce, cheese and pasta for a traditional Italian meal
Shepherds' pie - a traditional British dish topped with mashed potato

Vegetarian meals
Cheese and lentil bake - simple high protein recipe using red lentils
Chickpea and mushroom risotto - rice and chickpeas form the basis of this healthy dish
Chickpea and spinach curry - a quick and easy curry that meat-eaters can enjoy too
Chili non carne - spicy vegetable dish using pinto beans
Egg and cabbage flan - quick to prepare, no legumes or cheese involved
French bread pizza - very quick and easy to prepare, popular with children
Nut roast - ideal to serve as veggie alternative to meat roast
Pinto bean curry - made in the slow cooker, mild and delicious
Quiche - simple cheese and onion quiche
Spanokopitta - traditional Greek-style pie with spinach and feta cheese
Sweet and sour cheese - tasty and unusual recipe for a quick meal
Vegetable and nut cobbler - cauliflower and other veg with a walnut scone topping

Desserts and cakes
Apple bundt cake - traditional circular cake, moist with apples
Apple cake - bar cake that uses apples which don't even need to be peeled
Apricot (or loquat) crunch - soft fruit with flapjack-like topping
Banoffi Pie - biscuit crumb base, condensed milk 'toffee' filling, banana topping
Carrot Cake - rich and moist, with optional cashew-based dairy-free topping
Christmas pudding - steamed dessert, served with cream, custard or brandy butter
Chocolate biscuit cake - a quick uncooked dessert using chocolate and broken biscuits
Chocolate cake in a mug - made in the microwave for a very quick fudgy cake
Chocolate chip applesauce cake - simple to prepare; apple sauce replaces most of the fat
Chocolate chip cookie cake - wheat free and dairy free, this relies on chickpeas
Chocolate chip oat cookies - a reasonably healthy variation of a classic biscuit recipe
Chocolate crumb cake - a frugal cake with canned fruit underneath
Flapjacks - sweet oaty bars, not the US style pancakes!
Gingerbread - traditional gooey cake or dessert that gets better with keeping
Lemon cream crunch - A rich lemon filling on a digestive biscuit base. Similar to 'key lime pie'
Lemon meringue pie - A traditional favourite, not quick to make but worth the effort
Mincemeat cake - ideal for using up leftover mincemeat after Christmas
Pineapple chocolate fudge pie - A smooth chocolate pie in a crumb base
Rice pudding - old traditional British dessert made in the oven or microwave
Soft-scoop vanilla ice cream - uses chilled evaporated milk; requires an electric mixer
Toffee ice cream - not quick to make, but tastes wonderful, using dulce de leche and whipped cream

Basic part wholewheat bread - my easiest breadmaker recipe
Beer bread - quick and easy, with no kneading - just flour, sugar and beer make this bread
Tomato and rosemary loaf - a pleasant savoury flavour - ideal for a breadmaker
Wheat tortillas - simple and inexpensive, if a little time-consuming
Wholewhat and oat loaf - a basic light loaf, with part wholemeal flour. Works well in a breadmaker

Courgette and tomato soup - looks and tastes rather like canned tomato soup, but fresher and healthier
Curried carrot and ginger soup - delicious with warm bread on a cold day

Jams and Chutneys
Apple and pear spread - not a preserve, but an unsweetened fruit spread
Apricot jam - a basic recipe for using apricots in season, which keeps well
Lemon curd - microwave recipe for this sweet preserve, known in some countries as lemon butter
Mango and apple chutney- not too difficult if you can find fresh mangoes at a reasonable price
Strawberry Jam - very simple, great when strawberries are in season
Tomato and apple chutney - excellent with bread and cheese, simple to prepare

Almond milk - simple nut milk, alternative to dairy milk
Coconut milk - non-dairy alternative, made from fresh coconut
Quick coconut milk - made from desiccated coconut, ideal non-dairy milk
FrappĂ© - chilled coffee drink popular in Cyprus in the summer
Fruit smoothies - pure fruit, with juice and ice - perfect in the summer
Lemonade - refreshing drink to make when you have copious lemons growing, or when they're inexpensive in the supermarket

Aquafaba - the new vegan egg-substitute made from chickpea cooking water
Collard greens - a healthy leafy vegetable, stir-fried with onions and garlic
Dairy-free chocolate fudge - using dairy-free ingredients, a simple and tasty sweet
Hummus - traditional Asian dip/spread made with chickpeas
Granola - based on oats, this baked breakfast cereal is simple and adaptable
Guacamole - mashed avocado with onion, garlic, lemon juice, tomato and spices
Mincemeat - sweet mixture using mainly dried fruit, for traditional mince pies
Peach and tomato salad with feta - an unexpected mixture that works for a sweet summer salad
Pear-based healthy breakfast - pears, nuts and seeds combined
Royal icing - step-by-step guide to icing a celebration fruit cake
Tomato ketchup - uses fresh tomatoes to make ketchup in just a couple of hours
Tsatsiki - a simple yogurt/cucumber dip popular in the Middle East
Yogurt - based on evaporated milk, easiest with an electrical yogurt maker

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