Simple soft-scoop vanilla ice cream

To make 1 litre (approx 1 American quart):

1 large can evaporated milk (approx 400ml), chilled overnight in the fridge
100g sugar (about 1/2 US cup)

1 tsp vanilla essence (extract)
(or other flavourings - see below)

Put the evaporated milk into a large bowl or food processor, and whisk with an electric whisk until it's very thick, with the beaters leaving a clear trail. It takes about 30 seconds, usually, depending on room temperature and the effectiveness of the whisk.

Add the sugar and essence and beat that in too for a few seconds. Transfer to an electric ice cream maker and churn for about an hour, then put in a plastic container with a lid and freeze. No need to thaw before serving as the whipped evaporated milk makes it soft-scoop style.

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If you don't have an electric churn, put the bowl in the freezer, then take it out after an hour and beat with a hand whisk. Repeat this several times until it's firm. I find the ice cream churn is well-worth having. I found mine at a thrift store, but they're not too expensive new. Just make sure the capacity is at least a litre.

Don't even try this if you don't have an electric whisk or food processor, however. Beating evaporated milk with a hand whisk would be extremely hard work.

Other flavours: for an excellent chocolate ice cream, mix a heaped tablespoon of cocoa powder with a little cold water, to make a smooth paste, then mix in a little more cold water to get to pouring consistency. Add this after the sugar has been whisked into the evaporated milk, and stir gently with a metal spoon. No need to mix in thoroughly, as the ice cream churn will do that.

For fruit ice cream, mash or purée about 100g fruit, and stir in after the sugar has been whisked in. If you use bananas, use soft brown sugar rather than white. Canned peaches work well (drain before mashing) as do raspberries. Strawberries are better with a cream-based mixture, in my view, however.


jillh10 said...

Thanks for that my better half is going to make some icecream, shes made it before but is looking for a recipie you dont have to cook first anyway cheers

Gracey said...

Hi Sue - do you have any idea whether Stevia would work in place of the sugar? My husband is diabetic and avoiding the sugar would help.

Sue F said...

I haven't tried - artificial sweeteners don't do me any good as they all seem to give me migraines - but I should think it could be worth trying.